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Found In 

Any environment rich mainly in carbohydrates, such as plants, fermented foods

Sourced from

It is found almost everywhere in the world in the form of Yoghurt or fermented milk products.



  • The lactase activity of the bacteria actually does the work of digesting lactose in the product once it reaches the intestine

  • Lactic acid bacteria may be useful in preventing and shortening the duration of several types of diarrhea.

  • In humans, lactic acid bacteria have been shown to increase :

  • B-lymphocytes or B cells, which recognize foreign matter (17),

  • phagocytic activity, helping to destroy foreign matter,

  • IgA-, IgG- and IgM-secreting cells and serum IgA levels, which would increase antibody activity, and

  • γ-interferon levels, which help white blood cells fight disease.

  • It appears that lactic acid bacteria can reduce the levels of colon enzymes that convert procarcinogens to carcinogens.


Why use these ingredients?, You might ask. We at Nutrisan, use ingredients backed and approved by scientific facts and data published by reputed Labs and Scientific Research bodies.

Here's a list of some reputed studies relevant to this ingredient: 

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